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© Courses: The Department runs subsequent two groups in science stream
• Mathematics group = Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.
• Biology group = Chemistry, Zoology and Botany.
© Teaching, Learning & Evaluation:
The Department provides following facilities for teaching, learning and evaluation.
•Black board, models, charts, OHP, LCD & CD’s.
• Home assignments, unit tests, student’s seminar, semester tests & annual tests.
•Extra classes & Results Analysis
• Invite eminent personalities for guest lectures.                                   
© Research, Consultancy & Extension:
Faculties of the Department used an area given below for research, consultancy & extension.
• Research papers published in journals & in conference.
• Presentation of papers in seminars & in conference.
• Attend workshops, seminars and conference.
• Minor and major research projects.

©Infrastructure / learning resources:
LABORATORY: The laboratory is divided into four parts with four rooms.                  
i] Staff room – 36 sq. meters,
ii] Instrumentation come balance room - 36 sq.meters and
iii] Two experimental rooms – 72 x 2 = 144 sq. meters.
Total areas of all the three rooms is 216 sq. meters which are well equipped with the instruments analogous to colorimeter, conductometer, potentiometer, refractometer, polarimeter, pH meter, ion exchange column, freez, distillation plant, ovens, shaking machine, exhaust fans, gas cylinders with gas line and well water supply system. The total cast of instruments is near about Rs.21, 51,821till 2014-15.
© Audio-visual Aids:
This instrument present in conference hall of the institute which will be constructive to the department when it is indispensable.


Durga Chouk, Railway Station Road, Goregaon,
District -Gondia (Maharashtra)
(07187) 292445
National Conference UGC
Maharashtra Goverment Nagpur University
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