Education as a mission for village folk.

To educate the rural people who astray from education due to lack of educational facility in the neighboring area.

Dissemination of education to grass root.

Effective planning should begin from the bottom for the eradication of social evils. To create consciousness and awareness among the village mass, being completely illiterate and distant from the benefit of education, management takes creative and constructive initiatives in this direction.

Socio-economic, moral and cultural amelioration of society.

Education in any free and complex society is influenced by socio-economic and cultural circumstances. To boost up such structure among the villagers, the higher education plays a significant role. Our institution defiantly enhance in this direction successfully.

To encourage co-education for removal of backwardness of women cadre.

As the problem of illiteracy among the women in the rural area is obviously immense, the education of girls, mothers of the future, is the most significant factor in reducing the illiteracy and superstitions in the society. To achieve higher level of literacy and upgrading status of women's cadre in the rural area and to bring about radical changes in their lives, a drastic attempt is made to encourage co-education through the esteemed institution.

To serve and co-operate the community.

Providing the student with self-sufficient comprehensive and dependable source would enable him to prepare for various fields of life. Our college extends better educational service to community and society overall.

Approach to quality improvement in learning.

For the betterment of students through dedication, teaching is the sole mission of our college. The institution strives for improvement in the quality of education. Students satisfaction being the aim, institution tries its best to achieve this goal with co-ordinated endeavor and contribution by devoted, experienced and skilled teacher.

To equip the new generation to meet and beat crucial challenges of modern era.

The strategies and approach of the college is to prepare students to face the challenges of modern era. We believe that the student in turn will serve society. As educated men & women they would make their contribution in their chosen careers and as responsible citizens they will be capable of meeting the challenges in time ahead. The college is well equipped and seeks to impart a new spirit among youth.

To stimulate interest in minds of the students for learning and developing mental intellectual status.

At the time of admission, the admission committee and the principal communicate with the students. It also communicates with the staff and stakeholders through parent-teacher meeting and NSS program organized by the college every year.