About Us

Jagat Arts, Commerce & Indiraben Hariharbhai Patel Science College, Goregaon is run by Bahujan Hitay Jagat Education Society, Gondia.The great visionary Jagatramji Rahangdale, the founder of our society had a dream to make the people of economically backward region educated.  Out of his vision, our college was established in the year 1992.  Since then the college is striving hard to educate the students, to make them to achieve their goal.  The College is committed to the unprevileged section of the society and strives to achieve excellence in education.  It is a thing of great proud that our college is marching towards its goal with distinctive features.  Please explore our college.  Surely you will find something new worthy to be praised.


Jagat college is redering more and more fruitful service in the field of education and serving the society in economically backward area by uplifting them in the field of education to withstand in modern era.