Department of Botany



The management of Bahujan Hitay Jagat Shikshan Sanstha Gondia, has taken a step to start this Jagat Arts, Commerce and Indiraben Hariharbhai Patel Science College, Goregaon in such a rural area with graduate programme affiliated to R.T.M. Nagpur University Nagpur. The science faculty also started in the opening year 1992. The Botany department came into existence in the same year. Dr. V.I. Rane took charge as head of the department in 1996. Dr. B.G. Suryawanshi joins this department from 1998 as assistant professor. Two or three contributory lecturers have been appointed as per annual work load. Teachers are interested to conduct the different practical’s and activities for students.
The department had UG course with a single group consist of Chemistry, Botany & Zoology. The department of Botany of this College has decided to introduce some of exciting areas viz. propagation of endangered plant species, ethno botanical investigations, phytopathology, mycology and taxonomy. This department is maintaining a small botanical garden with little kind of plants of different habitat in college premise. Plants which are preserved in this garden are made available to students for their keen observation.
Many of the students of this department progressed for further post graduation courses in various discipline at different institutes of national importance. Students from this department also placed in various government and non-government jobs in last year's.











  • Courses
      • Botany, Zoology & Chemistry
  • Teaching, Learning & Evaluation
      • Black board, LCD Projector, Charts & CD’s
  • Student seminars, Internal Assessments Test exams etc.
      • Extra classes & Remedial classes
      • Result Analysis
  • Research, Consultancy & Extension
  • Publication of research papers
      • Paper/Poster presentation
      • Attending Conferences
      • MRP (minor)- 02 completed
      • Best practices-Remedial classes
  • Infrastructure of learning resources
      • Well equipped laboratory
      • Audio-visual aids
      • Botanical garden
  • Audio-visual Aids and ICT Tool
      • Over Head Projector
      • PC with printer & Internet
      • LCD Projector
      • Stereo Zoom Microscope with camera attachment
      • Web cam
      • G-Suit
      • Vidios and PPT Lecture
      • WiFi with Lan