Departement of Mathematics


The department of Mathematics came into existence on 27th July, 1992, the year of establishment of the college. It is associated with the science faculty. It has a well-facilitated separate room equipped with a dell personal computer. It is fully electrified. Also, a good sitting arrangement for staff / guest.






The department is facilitated with a personal computer with a block & White printer with internet connection. Also the department is facilitated with a moving chair for HOD and a large Table; Two almirahs, two chairs for guests and two fans- one celling & the other is table-fan.


 Academic Activity: Annual Teaching Plan and Academic Calendar are prepared in the beginning of every session.
Following activities are done:

 University Work:  Actively participated in university works such as Paper-setting; Spot-valuation.
*For teaching lecture & demonstration methods are used.
*Regular tests are taken as per academic calendar.
*Extra-classes are conducted for slow-learners.
* Student-seminar by advanced learners are conducted.
* Home-Assignments are given to every student.
*Regular class-attendance are taken every day.
* Completion of syllabus is our commitment.
* Guest-lecture series is conducted by inviting expert-personalities.
* We maintain daily-working-diary for teaching and other activities.

Syllabus: It is designed by R T M Nagpur University, Nagpur.

Library: We have a central library, not a departmental library.
It has about 1169 books in mathematics costing an amount Rs.181342/-

Journals: Two journals of mathematics are subscribed.