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Library Profile 2014-2015

Learning Resource Center



The foundation stone of jagat Arts, Commerce & I.H.P. Science College was laid down by Shri Jagatram Sonuji Rahandale in the year 1992
In the institution Library plays major role. The library acts as a central source of knowledge and information. It is enriched by Text books, Reference books, other books, News paper, Periodicals, Journal etc. Presently there is  15286 books casting   30,61,718/-  We have more than dozen magazine, periodical, and journal. The Library has ‘scrap book’ It also maintains a record of ‘Clipping” about the college performance, published in News paper Local and in weeklies, from time to time.
College has Purchased Libman software from Master software Nagpur for college library, which is helpful in library transaction and save the time of readers. The Library Service is not fully computerized (only Accession books & issue return are computerized)
The Salient features of the college Central Library;- up to 2014-15


No. of Books











Other& Reference



M.A. Mar.



M.A. His



M.A. Geo



Envir. Sci



Career& Counseling



UGC( Session 2017-  18 ) Purchase



Total (1992 to 2017)


40,74,631 /-

Total Grant &Non grant
Total   U.G.C.( ugc& mrp) -

(16807) ( Session 1992 to 2017)

(1892)  Net U.G.C. (8,14,181/-)    (353+833+84+102+80+28+412)
( Session 2010,11,12,13,14,16, 17)

(32,01,436/-)   ( Session 1992 to 2017 )  Grass
 Grass U G C ( 8,73,195/-) (235014+367492+46015+47098+48550+18935+
1,10,091) Grass U G C ( 8,73,195/-)

                   The Library has few subject wise Departments such as:-           

  • English, Marathi, History, Political Economics, Geography.
  • Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Botany, Zoology.
  • Commerce, Accounts, M. Law, Computer science
  • M.A. Marathi. M.A. History, M.A. Geography.
  •  The Library has good collection of other books , General books
  • The Library has good collection of Reference books
  • Encyclopedia of India, Encyclopedia of Britannica Encyclopedia of Political, commerce, etc.
  • Dictionaries, Almanac, Reports, India and Competitive, etc

“LIBRARY” means ‘Knowledge and Books are for use’ Hence this library caters to Arts, Commerce, Science faculties and also produce assistance to the post Graduate department and non grant course. Like UG. &PG courses during the academic session. Its Resources is available for the student and staff in all working hours from 7.30 am to 6.00p.m.             
Books are issued to the student and staff on their membership card for a period of 7 and 15 days respectively. 

Library Area

199.22 s-m.

Reading room Area

38.81  s-m

Total Books

15286 (  30,61,718 /-)

Total Books ( College Fund)
Grant & Non Grant

13914 (23,17,549/-)       12845+1069= 13914/

Total Books ( U.G.C. Fund)

1452     (6,95,619/-)          353+833+84+102+80= 1450                                   

Total Title


Total Journal& magazine

35    (33800/- )

CD. roam




News paper


Total seating capacity

30  ( Teacher reading room is separate)

Working hours

  • On working days
  • On holidays
  • Before examination days
  • During examination days
  • During vacation


7.30 am to 5.30 pm  ( 10 hours)
7.30 am to 5.30 pm  ( 10 hours)
7.30 am to 5.30 pm  ( 10 hours)
10 am to 5.30 pm (7.30 hours)

 Library Service

  • The Library is a place of individual study therefore silence is observed in the college Library/Reading room.
  • Book Service to reader
  •  Reference literature & catalogue
  • Awareness to Reader   
  • Reference service& Information service
  • New book Exhibition
  • Rare book Xerox  service
  • Employment guide
  • Help to Question paper
  • Help to Alumni Student
  • Open access system
  • Classification of all the books is done as per DDC system in the library

Other library service

  • Students and the staff must obtain a clearance certificate as per the notification
  • Any one if mutilates or defaces a book or any other reading materials he/she is liable to replace it or make good the loss by payment.
  • Lunch hours 1:30 am to 2:00 pm.
  • Smoking, Talking, Mobile phone, eating, sleeping, is prohibited in library.
  • Books are good friends; Library is your property, keep senility of the temple of learning.


  • The Provision of one computer and register catalogue to search book by title, author, Publication, accession. Distributer, ( OPAC)
  • Libman software for Issue &Return
  • Xerox
  • Book bank
  • Interlibrary lone
  • Advance Learners & Topper student
  • Employment cell
  • Competitive examination books facility
  • Internet
  • Books are issued to the economically student during examination.
  • The new title are displayed on display boards in library

Library Extension Activities

  • Book Exhibition
  • Inflibnet
  • Bibliography service
  • Orientation Programmers
  • Current Awareness Service
  • Bound of Journal & periodical, magazine
  • News paper clipping
  • College magazine
  • Interlibrary Loan Facility
  • Employment guide
  • Jagat  Prashna Manjusha Spardha. ( Every Year)
  • Reader Club
  • Library user award


Library rules

  • The books borrow by student from the library may be issued not for more than 7 days. A fine of Rs. 1/- per day for the delay will be imposed.
  • In case of damage of books by student the books should reimbursed or to pay cost of books.
  • Every student will get borrower’s ticket from the library.
  • Without this ticket books will not be issued.
  • While borrowing the book, it is the responsibility of the student to check the book whether it is     turn off or damage.

Library Advisory committee                                                                                                                      Dr. N.Y. Lanje (Principal)                                                  ­- Chairman
Proff.. E.V. Chandankhede(Librarian  )                         -   Secretary
Dr. S.H. Bhairam (Commerce Faculty)                          -    Member
Dr.Smt. C.P. Patle( Arts Faculty  )                                 -  Member
Dr. G.K. Bhagat (Science Faulty)                                   - Member

  Library Advisory Committee shall have the following function

  • It shall advise the librarian in the preparation of the library budget.
  • It shall have the responsibility of establishing library policy and dealing with all matter through librarian.
  •  It shall review the progress of the library.

Library Advisory committee shall meet normally once or twice in an academic year
Library Staff

The following library staff provides their service in the central library.

Sr. No.

Name of Staff





Shri .E.V. Chandankhede


M.L.I.Sc. M.Phil.M.A.( Mar)



Shri. R.K. Rahangdale

Library Attendant

S.S.C. C.Lib.



Shri.U.V. Hatnagar

Library Attendant









Best practices

  • Library is a member of INFLIBNET
  • Internet service is available for registered member of the library
  • Books are issued to the economically students during examination.
  • Old question paper of final exams in all the subject are made available to the student
  • The new books or titles are displayed on the display boards in library
  • Books and magazine are purchased by the college on regular basis for knowledge up gradation.
  • Library is partially computerized
  • Inclusion of sufficient information about the library in the college prospectus.
  • Displaying newspaper clipping on the notice board periodically.
  • Career/ Employment information/ Service.
  • Information literacy programs.
  • Suggestion box and timely response
  • Displaying new arrivals and circulating a list of those to departments.
  • Conduction book exhibition on different occasions.
  • Institution Annual Best User award for students.
  • Organizing competition annually.
  • Jagat study circle
  • CCTV Implementation  ( for Security Purpose)
  • Interlibrary loan service
  • Library is a member of INFLIBNET
  • Back Volumes of periodicals is available
  • Reading Room furnished with tables, chairs

Books Exhibition & Dr. S. R. Ranganathan Birth day

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Durga Chouk, Railway Station Road, Goregaon,
District -Gondia (Maharashtra)
(07187) 292445
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